Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sea Kayak tour of Muscle Ridge Maine

Sea Kayaking Maine

Sea Kayak tour of the Muscle Ridge

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Birch Point Beach
Today's sea kayak adventure starts at Birch Point Beach State Park which is a really great place to visit on any day. I live near here so I go at all times of the year to embrace its beauty. When I started from the beach it was quite hazy, and I could not see any islands on the ridge. Using my small craft nav aid I charted a course to Otter Ledge then across the channel to Otter Island. Otter Ledge was filled with ducks and birds. I stopped in the eddy behind the rock and enjoyed the tide rushing by on either side. Paddling forward I went past Little Green Island then on through the channel between Birch and Dix Island. Birch island is availible for day use to MITA members. Contact MITA for more information. Moving along I stayed on the inside up to Hewett Island. The outside of the Muscle Ridge is fantastic paddling. It is exposed to the open ocean, and can be much more challenging than within the protection of the archipealgo.  I recommend keeping this in mind if you are going to go out there and be prepared!  From the outside of the ridge I made my way up to Bar Island then to Graffam island. On my return I paddled to Hurricane Island and could see the "target" on Spruce Head which is a great navigational aid.  Keeping up with my progress, passing a really nice ketch, I made it to Tommy Island. From here you can see Waterman's Beach Lobster which is great place for lunch or dinner. Also right there is Lobster Buoy Campground which might be a great place for you to camp and launch. From there I finished up my trip going into the Weskeag river which has another good launch and lunch spot at the Keag Store (pronounced "Gig.") This Kayaking route is just a suggested one. You will not be disappointed with any of the islands in the Muscle Ridge, so check them out. Keep in mind that it is mostly private property and should be treated as such. Happy paddling, and feel free to make comments and ask questions.

Start Time: 5/26/2012 12:09:10 PM EDT
Acquisition Time: 5/26/2012 12:09:10 PM EDT
Finish Time: 5/26/2012 2:53:01 PM EDT
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is GMT-4
Distance: 9.84 mi
Average Speed: 3.6 MPH
Average Moving Speed: 4.1 MPH
Maximum Speed: 10.0 MPH
Average Elevation: -6 feet
Minimum Elevation: -41 feet
Maximum Elevation: 102 feet
Average Status: 3-D
Fix Was Lost: 0 times
Readings: 4032
Acquisition Location: N/A
Finish Street: Maker Cove Rd
Finish Location: Owls Head, Maine (04854)
Acquisition Coordinate: N44° 2.2368' W69° 5.7439'
Finish Coordinate: N44° 2.5835' W69° 6.6209'
Time from Start to Finish: 2:43:51 (hr:min:sec)
Time to Acquire: 0:00:00 (hr:min:sec)
Time from Acquisition to Finish: 2:43:51 (hr:min:sec)
Time Moving: 2:23:19 (hr:min:sec)
Time Stopped: 0:20:32 (hr:min:sec)
Point Created: 5/26/2012 12:41:12 PM EDT
Point Speed: 4 MPH
Point Heading: 167°T
Point Elevation: -3 feet
9.84 miles

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